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Title insurance is a great option for lenders and home buyers. It provides a safety net, so you won’t have to sacrifice money or property in the future. The title experts at our two locations throughout Northeast Minnesota will give you the coverage you need. We will help you through the entire closing process, providing support and offering title report services.

Below, find more information on how title insurance can benefit you in your next property transaction.

Why should you choose title insurance?

Insurance is essential to protect your property from title defects. A title for a property should give you complete legal ownership. However, sometimes there are unseen factors that can threaten your ownership. For example, a mistake in past documentation could mean that someone else actually owns your property, which creates the risk of you losing your home or a significant amount of money. With title insurance, if an issue arises, you don’t have to worry about it affecting you.

How does title insurance work?

Title insurance requires paying a one-time premium that is determined based on the price at which you bought your property, or the amount of your loan. You can receive a discount when you purchase owner’s and lender’s title insurance together.

What does title insurance cover?

Title insurance benefits both the lender and the buyer. Lender’s insurance ensures the lender gets their money back from the buyer by providing coverage until the loan is paid back.

Buyer’s insurance protects the buyer from four potential title defects that can threaten property ownership.

These include:


Errors are any false or inaccurate information included in any deeds, public records or mortgages involving your property.


Once you take ownership of a property, you take responsibility of any debts that come with the home. These could include bills, taxes, outstanding mortgages and more.

Claims to Ownership

This is when another person claims to own your property. For example, if the previous owners passed away, the children may claim they own the house if it wasn’t specified in the will.

Invalid Deeds

An invalid deed is a deed that contains any forgery or fraud.

No matter how thoroughly a title search and review is conducted, these defects can’t always be detected. Title insurance gives you the satisfaction of knowing your ownership isn’t at risk.

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